Bring your 3D NFTs to life

Rove provides a fast, simple and fun way to bring your 3D NFTs to life. Connect your wallet, choose a 3D NFT, and start enjoying your virtual life - it's that simple.
It's your 3D NFT, now full of life.
Talk to us: The 3D NFT Avatar feature is still in beta. If you want to integrate your 3D NFT collection with Rove, please GM [email protected]

How do I create an avatar from a 3D NFT?

Tap on the Customize Avatar button to start.
Select the 3D NFTs tab and choose one of your 3D NFTs.
Nike x RTFKT Clone X in Rove.
That's it. Your 3D NFT is now a living breathing persona in the metaverse.
Clone X in Rove.
Yuga Labs Meebits in Rove.