What is an avatar?

In Rove, you're not role-playing a being, you are that being.
We can also help you create avatars, the most important building block of your metaverse. Your metaverse is a virtual nation, and avatars are your citizens. Your avatars contribute to your virtual economy and might also have a say in how it’s run.
Metaverses aren’t just about equality, but equity. Who you are and how much you have doesn’t matter. In a metaverse, everyone has the same chance at success, prosperity, and achieving their dreams.


People can be who and what they want to be. They can use avatars provided by Rove, or they can bring their own avatars (See: PFP NFTs and 3D NFTs).
Different avatars have different abilities. Some of them might be extraordinary. One community member may create multiple avatars – a walking human, a flying drone, and a swimming animal, for example.
Different avatars have different abilities.

Multiple identities

Unlike the real world, people may maintain several personas, each with its own look and feel and unique abilities. They may decide to use different avatars for different contexts.
To switch between avatars, click on the Transform button. You will be able to see all the avatars that you have.
Switching between avatars.

How to create an avatar?

There are multiple ways to create an avatar.
-> Create an avatar from a PFP NFT​
-> Create an avatar from a 3D NFT​
-> Create an avatar with a selfie​