In ordinary space, a position is specified by three numbers, known as dimensions. In the Cartesian coordinate system, these are called x, y, and z. A user traveling from one space to another would be shifting user position.
(x0, y0, z0) → (x1, y1, z1)
Unlike ordinary space, Rove space is marked by four dimensions: x, y, z, and a fourth dimension for time. Travel to a space in the past and rewatch what happened there. The usual laws of physics don’t apply: time travel isn’t just possible, but encouraged. Therefore, a user traveling from one location in Rove to another would be shifting the position across both space and time.
(x0, y0, z0, t0) → (x1, y1, z1, t1)
This is a form of time travel, made possible in virtual worlds. Within Rove, users can travel to a space at a specific point on the timeline of that land and relive those memories. This is an entirely new experience that didn’t exist before Rove.