What is an environment?

Environments make lands livable – interactive scenes you can simply plug and play or customize to make your own.
Hosting a party? Try out the villa environment and add your brand of coziness. Turn your office world into an employee break room for after-work drinks. Or go completely off-world and on an adventure with your community.
Environments are immersive; they give you a sense of presence. They are persistent; their states are saved and synced among all users. They are real-time; they are being rendered constantly to all devices accessing them.

Iconic environments


How to mint an environment?

Creating interactive environments is as simple as applying a template. Every template can be customized to the creator's liking – all drag and drop, no code required. Initially built by the core team to demonstrate possibilities, the community will later be able to create their own templates for other Rovers to use.
Customizable environments for any kind of experience.

STEP 1: Upgrade your space

  • After you mint your land, you should be able to Sell the land or Enter Space, click Enter Space to view your new land and start upgrading it.
  • You will be taken to your new land, which is beautiful yet empty at first. Don’t worry, you can build architecture by clicking Upgrade at the top right corner.
  • You will be taken to the ROVE Architecture store, scroll down and choose an architecture that speaks to you and click Buy.
  • Approve the transaction and be patient. Once it’s done, you will get into your first home in the metaverse!

STEP 2: Make it your home

  • Once you’re inside, you can display NFT or non-NFT arts on the walls, invite people to come chill, hold meetings, etc.
  • You can give your home a name by hitting the hamburger menu at the top right of your screen, going to settings, and then changing the home name, URL, or description based on your preference.
  • You can password lock your land so only your friends have access to or lock the art change so visitors cannot change your art.
  • You can also change your avatar by clicking on the hamburger menu and clicking Update Profile
Want to check all properties you own on Rove, enter: https://rove.to/your-space
Need some ideas on what to do in your beautiful 3D spaces? Check out some guides below: