What is virtual land?

Your metaverse functions like a physical nation. You need land to build upon and to mine and harvest raw materials. You can erect architecture on top of these lands to create space for people to work, rest, and play.
Think of lands as your address in a metaverse, foundations to build upon. It is where and how things happen. Lands are general-purpose; they can be used in any way, to create any sort of experience: social, gaming, commerce, work, and learning experiences.

Iconic lands


How to mint a plot of land?

View our video tutorial or follow the steps below.
Minting guide

STEP 1: Sign in

  • Visit metaverse URL (For example: rove.to/ACIDVERSE)
  • Click Sign in at the top right corner of the window
  • Enter your email address and type in the OTP code sent to your email address

STEP 2: Connect your wallet

  • Once you are signed in, place the cursor at the burger menu and click Wallet Management to connect to your wallet
Note: One Rove account can connect to multiple Wallets, but a Wallet can not connect to multiple Rove accounts. So, if you already have a previous ROVE account, you need to use that to sign in.

STEP 3: Mint the land

  • Once you are in your desired metaverse, it’s time to choose the land to mint simply by clicking on the land that has not been minted by looking at its color. The brown ones are not claimed and the green ones with trees already had an owner.
  • After you click on a plot of land, you should be able to see this sidebar. Scroll down the sidebar to see further information
  • Once you scroll down, you need to enter the Token ID of the NFT you own from the NFT collection the metaverse belongs to. Then click “Mint this land”
  • Minting might require additional gas fees (as suggested by Metamask or other wallets) to ensure completion, depending on gas prices and demand at the time of minting
  • Please be patient and wait for the minting to finish
Each NFT in the collection in your wallet = 1 land in the metaverse
10 NFTs = 10 lands. 1 NFT = 1 land
If the gas fee is crazily high:
  • The land is not available anymore
  • The token ID you entered doesn’t match the one you have in your wallet
Continue to read section Environment to learn more about upgrading 3D space process.