Platform architecture

Rove is a network of interconnected virtual nations (a.k.a. metaverses). Our scalable, interoperable technology is the foundation of your virtual nation and will support everything you need to devise, construct, and operate it.
The following diagram shows the major components of the Rove infrastructure software stack.
The Rove infrastructure software stack.

Rove Runtime

First, it’s massively scalable. The foundation of the Rove infrastructure is the Rove Runtime. All experiences within Rove reply on Rove Runtime for underlying functionalities like audio, audio, and persistence.
Some of the major features of Rove Runtime are:
  • Audio: Audio is the main communication medium. Rove implements proximity audio that lets thousands of avatars speak to each other in real time.
  • Rendering: Virtual spaces are 3D and immersive; they give you a sense of presence. Rove implements proximity rendering that lets thousands of avatars come together in real time.
  • Sync: Virtual spaces are real-time. All events, actions, and changes within them are instantly synced across all devices accessing them.
  • Persistence: Virtual spaces are persistent. Their states are saved and synced among all users.
  • Smart contracts: Virtual nations run on smart contracts. Rove works with popular blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Solana, and Near.
  • Storage: Rove uses a hybrid approach, using decentralized storage network IPFS for user-owned data, like NFTs, and Google Cloud Storage for other data.

Building Blocks

Building a virtual nation has never been easier. You don’t need to code, and all world-building tools are free. Start with easy-to-customize building blocks and then build from there. Even the longest journeys start with the first step. Your virtual nation starts with Rove.
Rove provides the basic building blocks for creating virtual nations such as nations, lands, environments, goods, services, production, institutions, markets, and money.

Rove Factory

Rove is an open, interoperable infrastructure. You can bring your avatars, objects, and more without the need to rebuild or rehome. You can also create new objects, environments, and avatars with Rove Factory.


Rove is for anyone with a vision. Creating interactive experiences is as simple as applying a template. Every template can be customized to the creator's liking – all drag and drop, no code required.
Initially, Rove provides the basic templates for creating experiences such as home, gallery, party, and store. In the future, the community will later be able to create their own templates for other Rovers to use.


Initially, Rove is mobile-first. Want to trade NFTs on your lunch break? Host an art exhibition? Fly a drone? Take a break from reality and enter your virtual nation anytime, anywhere.
In the future, Rove will support additional devices such as web, desktop, and VR.