Build your own metaverse

Rove is the technology infrastructure that powers interoperable metaverses (a.k.a. virtual nations).

Think of how you live, work, and play.

How much time do you spend in virtual spaces? More than you realize. Whether you’re hanging out in Discord, playing World of Warcraft, or committing code to GitHub, you likely experience more of the virtual world than you do the physical.
You’re not alone in this movement.
Right now, billions of people around the world are collectively forming new communities. Communities are built around shared interests and causes, whether creative, entrepreneurial, artistic or otherwise. You’re probably part of many already – you just don’t know it. Yet.
And what might you achieve in these interconnected, borderless communities? Anything is possible: forge new relationships, build wealth, share ideas, or live a life without limits. When you break your physical chains, you’re free to do anything, to be whoever you want to be.

But we’re not there yet.

Like the physical nations, metaverses need infrastructure to function independently like virtual nations. Think governance, economies, institutions, and systems that support the free exchange of goods, services, and ideas.
Creating a metaverse might sound daunting. When your community numbers in the thousands, or tens of thousands, your tech stack must support networking, audio, and rendering at scale and across multiple devices.

Who’ll build this infrastructure?

We’re Rove, and we build the infrastructure that powers interoperable metaverses. Without writing a single line of code, you can build your own metaverse that brings your people together.
Your community is already a metaverse in the making. You and your community are the architects, and we, Rove, provide the building blocks, the raw materials to make your vision a reality.
You can first start small and then iterate. Initially, you can build a clubhouse for your community and a few plots of land. Then add new features and experiences, and welcome new people as you scale.
With Rove, your metaverse begins with a single click.