The development of the Rove infrastructure.
Physical nations are dynamic. They react to macroeconomic and socioeconomic factors that are outside of your control. While your metaverse as a virtual nation is resilient to such complex forces, expect it to change over time as you add new members and build better features. A static nation is a failed nation.
To that end, we’ve developed a roadmap that supports your metaverse through four epochs (or phases).

Epoch 0: The creation of your metaverse

First, you start with the basic building blocks of your metaverse: create NFT-gated communities, mint new lands, and build homes and businesses. Your citizens can also import their own 3D NFTs such as avatars, environments, and art.

Epoch 1: Life in your metaverse

Next, you begin to bring life to your metaverse: host live events, exhibit NFTs in immersive galleries and organize community games & sports challenges that you can also record live. The second epoch immerses your community in new experiences and builds the scaffolds for future expansion.

Epoch 2: Virtual economies

The third epoch empowers your community to build a thriving virtual economy where your citizens can produce virtual goods, buy and sell NFT assets in the open markets, and lots more.

Epoch 3: Decentralized governance

Finally, the fourth epoch empowers your metaverse with community-run governance. You’ll be able to create a DAO to govern your metaverse, run a virtual economy ahd set fiscal policies like taxation and expenditure. Without these tools, your metaverse won’t scale or reach its potential.